abandoned house on rt 2, near parkersburg, WV

abandoned house on rt 2, near parkersburg, WV

i was hanging out in this place for a while tonight. a very short while. i really dont know any of the background on this one, it seems like a newer style house, and it’s in a great location, but it’s just abandoned. i grew up a few miles from this place, and i dont remember anyone living there, but i haven’t heard any reasons, any stories, anything at all about this place.

basically, i pulled up, went around part of the outside and took some pics, and then went in. i went around the whole ground floor, but i was really getting freaked. not the usual “i’m in a spooky house” freaked, either. i mean close to sheer terror, and i really can’t put my finger on why. i didnt go upstairs, and i really had the feeling i just needed to get the hell out of the place. now on thursday night, i stayed in a place called the “castle”, it’s a house that was built in 1836, and it is supposed to be really haunted, in fact, my header pic is from there. there were a few things that freaked me out a little, but nothing even close to feeling like i did tonight. i’ll try to take it on again, and i’ll get through the whole thing.


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