eatons tunnel, WV. (investigated last night)

eatons tunnel

last night i took a couple of friends to eatons tunnel, it’s just a few miles away from parkersburg, WV, and is supposed to be haunted. there is one tunnel you can walk through thats around  1/4 mile long, and them, if you know where to look for it, you can find the other tunnel that collapsed and killed some miners. the pick you see here is me in the collapsed tunnel. i went back as far as i could into it, which isn’t very safe, but i had to get some pics and see if i could get anything on audio. i also took them inside the abandoned house on rt 2.


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  1. hey, marion, i didnt mean to erase your comment! sorry about that.
    i hardly get a chance to get on the web, but i’ll try to explain how to get there.
    it’s been a while. you go on rt 47 for a pretty good way, then you take a left on… i’m not sure of the name of the road. let me get back to you on that one. i’ll tell you how to get to silver run tunnel #19, i’ve been there more recently, and actually saw my first full body apparition! i’ve only been to eaton’s tunnel once, and although i can drive there, i cant remember the name of the road! i’m thinking it’s walker run, or something like that. but tunnel 19: take rt 50 out of parkersburg, stay on it, a couple miles after mountwood park, take a right onto 31? (i’m bad with road names, basically just look for a sign that says cairo. go into cairo, park basically right in the middle of town, across from a bridge that is closed off except for walking purposes. walk across the bridge and go about 3 miles on the trail. you’ll be at the tunnel. take lots of batteries. go all the way through the tunnel, and on that end is where i saw the ghost. i’ve been out there four times, and i always catch some good evp’s and pics. the only time i saw the full body app was after 1 am, and i had walked about a mile further than the tunnel, on my way back, i saw this lady in a white gown, we tried to get pics, but the camera went dead about 30 yards away from her, so we put new batteries in it, straight out of a pack, and the camera took two pics and the batteries died again! she stayed in the same spot, looking toward us as we walked closer. she wasnt transparent at all, we got within 10 feet of her and she stared backing into the tunnel. i was planning on doing a couple more evp’s, but we tried to follow her, in case it was a real person. we didnt find anyone. sorry i’m so bad with directions. i dont get on the net much, but i call a buddy of mine and have him check my email a lot.
    email me any time. i have been a lot more places but havent updated this site.
    the clutch is out on my jeep right now, so i’m not ghost hunting for a little while.
    sorry i babbled so much, if you email me, i’ll try to get you the exact directions to eaton’s tunnel. i took one of my friends and his wife, and they are good with the names of the roads. i’ll try and get them for you asap.


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